In February 2003, a mighty storm fell upon the tiny state of Delaware. For two days and nights, snow fell from the sky, trapping the terrified residents in their lodges. The mighty I-95 was reduced to a single-lane emergency route, and Delaware's ruler decreed that no residents should travel under pain of prosecution. All employers, all schools, even the very Christiana Mall bowed before this decree. When the fearsome storm had passed, Thor and Freya ventured out to tame this frozen land. Their first challenge... a three-foot snow wall the evil plow beast had erected to trap them in their lodge forever. Or at least until spring, which sounded like a great idea three hours of shoveling later.

thumbnail of snowy wastes 80K

After shoveling snow for an hour and a half on Sunday, Thor and Freya are ready for more. Why spend a snow day in a warm lodge when you can shovel? (Thor and Freya's driveway is directly ahead. You can almost see the road...)

thumbnail of path 60K

Thor has tunneled a path to the street! Thor would be very proud and happy if he could find the energy to speak.

thumbnail of sidewalk 120K

Freya and Thor decide the front door can just wait until tomorrow, if not April.

thumbnail of Freya 100K

Freya is mistress of all she surveys. (Why is Freya holding the rake and not the shovel? Thor and Freya have run out of places to dump snow, so Freya has climbed up to stomp the snow beast into submission and is using the longest flat object to shove it aside. Sadly, Thor carried the camera back into the lodge while Freya fell through the snow beast and landed in a giggly snow-covered heap.)

Chronicler's note: This is the first time Freya had anything to say. She might make this web site less clumsy. Then again, she might not. Freya is very very tired and might not make fun of snow blowers in Delaware again.