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Napping with Kaitlyn

Grandma Luci and Shadow have a nap with Kaitlyn.

Whirlwind golfer!

Kaitlyn has hit upon a sure-fire way to get through the course faster.

Golf pointers from Grandpa Dean More golf pointers

Grandpa Dean shows Kaitlyn how it's done.

Yard work

It's Kaitlyn playing in the yard! What more do you need to know?

Kaitlyn gardening

Mom grew all these tomatoes for Kaitlyn to pick. (We'll get to the flowers later.)

Sunning with Mom & Grandma Luci More sunshine

Why take pictures when you could be sitting on the grass with Mom & Grandma Luci?

Grandpa Dean is a good reader! Reading Reading Goodnight Moon

Grandpa Dean is a good reader!